Steps to Maximizing your Dream


1.     Write it down.

This is indispensable to your destiny. As the Scripture says, “Write down the vision; make it plain. That he may run with it he who reads it!” (Habakkuk 2:1). Your dream and vision may not see the light of the day if they are not written down. Writing down your dream gives you clarity, enthusiasm and the passion to carry it out. As you journey toward accomplishing your dream, it is important that you keep yourself ablaze by constantly referring to the written dream.

2.     Pursue it with passion.

It is not enough to dream; you must have a corresponding passion for your dream. The strength of your passion must correspond to the size of your dream. Passion is the fuel you need to fulfil the dream inside you. Dream without passion is dead on arrival. Passion will help you push through forces of resistance positioned by the enemies to frustrate or kill your dream.

I know passionate dreamers when I see them. The gusto in their language, posture, and focus is unmistakable. They are not easily distracted. They outlast their critics. They don’t just talk, they act. They have the sense of urgency and determination. They continue to try, even in the face of setbacks. They are always on fire!

You need passion. When your passion dies, your dream dies. If you are casual about your dream, you will end up a casualty. Dream with passion!

3. Plan and set goals.

You will achieve more through planning and setting realistic goals. Set goals that will stretch you and allow you to aim high. This requires that you sit down and put your mind to work. Do some critical thinking and strategizing. Break down your dream into smaller achievable goals, and have a time tag with every goal.

Planning and goal-setting will help you to keep afloat, as well as being organized. When this happens, you take lots of stress off your life. Also, your speed of getting things done increases. However, you must let your plans be guided by prayer and divine instructions. Divine guidance and direction give you assurance and peace as you pursue your dreams.

4.     Don’t procrastinate; act now!

One of the deadliest enemies of greatness is procrastination. It means putting off something you can do now for later. Procrastination robs you of immediate opportunity. Most people have forfeited important opportunities in life simply because they lacked the willpower to take action when it is needed. If you must rise on eagles’ wings, you must learn to respond to divine orders as they are revealed to you.

Acting immediately toward your life dream is the key to achievement.

It is always better to act and fail than not to act at all. The difference between a high performer and a mediocre one is acting. A mediocre will not take risks, but a high performer will rise to the occasion when opportunity calls.

There are three reasons why people procrastinate:

  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Laziness.

You can overcome the habit of procrastination by telling yourself, “Do it now!” Jesus once said in the gospel, “I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.” (John 9:4). You don’t have to get all the answers before you get started; you will find out details on your way as you take the first giant step. Act now. It is better now than later!

5.     Fight for your dream.

Get ready to fight for your dream and vision. Your vision will give birth to enemies of progress. As it was for the Israelites in Egypt, Pharaohs are still very much active and will not want you to answer the call to change your life. They will erect all kinds of obstacles, challenges and crises, trying to make you give up; but you must not give in. Fight on. Fight as though your life depends on it.

Beware of those who tell you how impossible it is to do what God has placed in your heart. Your response should be, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”

Very soon, they will celebrate you. Do not allow anyone or anything to take your dreams away from your heart.

6.     Avoid distractions.

Be focused on the ultimate goal and not the side talks, which are part of the enemies’ strategies to distract you from the real focus. The easiest path to failure is a broken focus.

In 2011, when I was engaged in church planting, I had to fight off multiple distractions. During that period, I called my mentor and spiritual father to explain how challenging it was to stay on track. He responded by telling me to get busy and not give attention to any idea or event that did not move me toward achieving my dream. This advice stayed with me. I got busy and succeeded.

7.     Get a mentor.

A mentor is someone who loves you so much that he doesn’t want you to fail. He is ever there to assist you. He pushes you towards achieving God’s best for your life. Mentors are like the ladder of destiny. A good mentor will give himself to take you to your destination if you submit yourself. A mentor is not a boss; he or she is your life coach.

People who are short sighted might say, “But experience is the best teacher.” At 40 years of age, and having successfully planted three churches, built a young family, and with much to be accomplished in my life, I have come to realize that mentorship is the best and fastest teacher.

One of my favorite servants of God, Bishop David Oyedepo – a dynamic teacher, and successful church leader in our generation – once said, “If we have seen any farther, it is because we stood on the shoulders of those who have gone ahead of us”.

The question is, on whose shoulder are you standing? Who are you following? Who is your mirror? There is nothing new in the world. Whatever you want to do, someone has done it before. Why do you want to fail where they have failed? You can learn from their failures and successes.

Life is about duplication. There is no original anywhere. God is the only original. Jesus in the flesh said, “What I see my father do, so I do.” (John 5:19). If Jesus had to copy His Father, who are you not to copy? Apostle Paul told the Church in Corinth, “Follow me as I follow Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1). As you dream again, look for someone who is successful in what you want to do; someone who has concrete results in his or her field. If you find one, follow passionately and see what God will do with your own dream. If this person is far from you, read his or her biographies and books. Buy books, CDs, or DVDs.

One of the persons I like to follow is Dr. Mensa Otabil of Ghana. Since he lives in Ghana, I decided I would attend one of his conferences here in the United States once a year. I travel to Washington DC to listen to him at Jesus House, DC, every March. I also call the branch of his church in Virginia to order all his teachings on CDs and DVDs. I have not met him one-on-one, but his ministry has impacted my life. Learning from experts takes you far to maximize your success in life!

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